Schools Must Ban Intolerance

Media Indonesia, page 18

Efforts to minimize and overcome radicalism and intolerance in schools are entirely in the hands of the school. Therefore, the school principal must actively supervise and crack down on the behavior of students that are radical in nature.

This was stated by the Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hamid Muhammad, in a workshop for high school and vocational high school (SMA and SMK) students titled Aksi Pelajar untuk Kebinekaan Indonesia (Student Action for Indonesia’s Diversity), which took place in Jakarta yesterday (24/4). According to him, the efforts of school principals in cracking down on radicalism and intolerance are key factors to keep the case from growing.

According to Hamid, in conducting the action against intolerance, the central government will not provide guidance or recommendations to schools. The reason is the principal already knows how to do it and the vice principals of the school with their respective fields can also directly deal with the problem.

Nevertheless, he stated Kemendikbud to date has not received a report related to the existence of intolerant acts in school. Reporting and responsibilities of improvements, he added, are in the regional administrations and local education agencies. Therefore, said Hamid, if there is intolerance in the school, the people are also asked to seek information from the school up to the regional administration.


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