Land an Essential Element for Campuses to Progress in Upgrading Quality

The Coordinator of Private University Coordination (Kopertis) Region X of West Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, and Riau Islands, Prof Herri, stated that the provision of land has become an essential element for the progress of private campuses. In his opinion management and supervision of academics is far easier for those campuses that have their own land and buildings.

He suggested that should the land or building be subject to a contract or request to stay then this can disturb the stability of the campus itself. He added that during the development stage the campus must manage such land matters, such as the contract fee or land conversion. The expectations are, therefore, that to be a university or establish a study program the campus will have met this land requirement. Through fulfilling this requirement, there will no longer be problems during the development of campus thus bringing benefit to lecturers and students alike.

However, he said, should the campus be unable to provide the land, cooperation with the owner or landlord will be essential. In this situation, the foundation should be proactive in easing the provision of such land. Should the land be owned by the government, for instance, harmony in the relations between the government and the campus is essential. Should the land be related to society, this requires profitable communication to avoid conflict.

Meanwhile, a private campus student in Padang, West Sumatra, Suci Wulan, said that internet access and clean toilets are among student concerns in a college. Even so, she said that should there be conflict between the students and the campus management, such as in regard to the building status, this will tend to demotivate them. From her point of view, one of factors for student achievement at a public university is the provision of the facilities. It is essential that this be adopted on a lot of campuses.


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