Palembang City Administration Maximizes Mobile Library Services

Palembang (South Sumatera) Municipality (Pemkot) seeks to maximize the operation/ services of the mobile library and smart car to support the Enjoy Reading (Gemar Membaca) program that has been going on for the last few years.   By maximizing the mobile service unit, it is hoped that it would be easier for communities to obtain reading material which would eventually result in reading books to become a favorite of the citizens of this city.   It was announced by the Palembang Regional Secretary Harobin Mastofa.

According to him, his party keeps trying to conduct various activities that could increase knowledge and insight as well as the quality of human resources of citizens of this city. The knowledge and insight of the citizens of the city needs to be improved so as to attain high competitiveness facing the increasingly tight global competition today.

He explained that in addition to maximizing the mobile library service and smart cars in 107 villages spread across 16 sub-districts, at every opportunity Mayor Harnojoyo along with his ranks including the wives of civil servants joined as members of the PKK group provide motivation to the public to always read. Through these activities, it is expected that the programs that could improve the knowledge and insight of citizens of the city who will host the 2018 Asian Games could run as everyone expected.

Harobin added, based on the evaluation of mobile library services and smart cars operating in the residential areas of ​​the population received a warm welcome from the citizens of the city by flocking to utilize the books and facilities provided in the mobile service unit.


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