SNMPTN Committee Guarantees Transparency

Koran Sindo, page 2

State Higher Education Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) committee will announce today the prospective students who are accepted/ admitted through the achievement path. They ensure that the admissions process meets the principles of justice/fairness, accountability, transparency and non-discrimination.

This was stated by Public Relations/PR of the SNMPTN 2017 Organizing Committee, Tunjung W Sutirta. He said that SNMPTN announcement today will be done at 14.00 hours (2 pm) through the webpage of the SNMPTN committee at  According to him the committee has made all the preparations for the announcement of participants who pass the selection to run smoothly. Not to forget the committee will also maintain the server in stable condition although at the time of announcement there will be very many people who will access the webpage.

This year, the SNMPTN committee will provide opportunity for schools with A accreditation to enroll 50% of their best students. While for schools with B and C accreditation B and C respectively 30% and 10% opportunities.  Meanwhile, for schools not yet accredited are entitled to register 5% of their students.

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