UN Scores Enter SNMPTN Data

Jawa Pos, page 12

The long-awaited time of 893 thousand applicants of State Higher Education Entrance National Selection (SNM PTN) finally arrives. This afternoon (26/4) at 14.00 hours (2 pm) SNMPTN graduation will be announced through the website pengumuman.snmptn.ac.id. In addition, the graduation announcement is reported on the web pages of 12 State Universities/PTN. The Chairman of the SNMPTN Committee, Ravik Karsidi explains that the number of SNMPTN applicants for this year reached 893,323 people.  They are scattered at 18,002 school units. The number of applicants for this year is greater than 2016 which recorded 645,202 people. According to Ravik, the increase in the number of registrants was due to among others the addition of new campuses and study programs.

Associated with the assessment of SNMPTN, Ravik said that it still uses the report card grades and other academic achievements of students. In addition, Ravik explained that all SNMPTN applicants must take the national exam (UN) 2017. Associated with the score weight of the UN, Ravik said that it is up to the rectors of the respective state universities.

Head of Education Assessment Center (Puspendik) of Kemendikbud Nizam explains that formally there is no submission of UN scores to the SNMPTN committee. However by system, there is already a data connection between the UN central committee and SNMPTN. That way, the set UN scores directly enter into the SNMPTN committee database. He added that the Kemenristekdikti plans to make greater use of the UN scores.  Thus, the UN score is not only for SNMPTN selection path, but also for other selections which can be used for graduating consideration by each PTN.

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