A Total of 101,196 Students Passed SNMPTN 2017

Republika, page 4

There were 101,196 students who passed National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN). This was announced on Wednesday (26/4) at 14.00 WIB. They had been selected from 517,166 candidates based on the selection result as held by the central committee.

Of the 101,196 students who were accepted in PTN, 27,058 participants were from Bidikmisi, which accounted for 20.68 percent of the students who passed. The announcement of the stipulated results for SNMPTN 2017 was delivered by the Director General of Learning and Student Affairs (Dirjen Belmawa) of Kemenristekdikti, Intan Ahmad, in Building D of Kemenristekdikti, Jakarta.

Intan Ahmad said that SNMPTN 2017 was the first of three methods for new student admission of PTN, besides SBMPTN and Seleksi Mandiri. From his point view, the implementation of SNMPTN aims to give greater opportunities for the students who achieve high academic scores to pass on to the state universities.

However, the number of students passing SNMPTN had declined from 2015 until 2017, there being 137,005 participants (2015), 115,178 participants (2016), and 101,906 participants (2017) accepted through SNMPTN. In confirming the fluctuation in student numbers accepted through SNMPTN method, Intan Ahmad believed that this was largely due to the students themselves.

The Head of Central Committee of SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2017, Ravik Karsidi, stated that the total number of students who passed the selection for the 78 State Universities (PTN) across Indonesia were 101,906 student or equal to 19.70 percent. The participants who passed were the selection results of the central committee from the 517,166 students and 14,790 schools recorded on the Database of Schools and Students (PDSS).




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