Diversity Education in Schools, Is it Necessary?


Indonesia consists of various ethnicity, religions and ethnic groups. Therefore, the development of behavior for mutual respect and co-existence/mixing is felt important and good to be started in school. The Education and Culture Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture recently discovered the problem of diversity intolerance in the school environment. Therefore, the optimum implementation of diversity education in educational units is felt to be important.

The result of the study conducted by Kemendikbud shows that the difficulties of diversity education in schools can be divided into three. Researcher of Puslitjakdikbud Kemendikbud, Nur Berlian Venus Ali said that the three things include government and school policy, attitude and behavior of school people/community, and limited resources.

He further added that some regional administrations lacked initiative in diversity programs in schools and schools are considered overly stressing cognitive abilities. Not just culture, the question of religious diversity should be a special focus. According to Nur Berlian, not all schools provide religious education services in line with the religion of students. Many of the students still find it difficult to mix with those of different ethnicities, religions and ethnic groups.

Diversity education aims at directing the school community to shape and develop the school atmosphere towards attitude and behavior of mutual respect and appreciate pluralism. The implementation of diversity education in schools is still faced with various issues related to school policy and citizens’/community attitudes. Good practices are through the roles of principals and teachers, many of which have already been done. However, it is necessary to multiply activities that support cross-cultural and religious mixing such as interfaith harmony camps and the need for affirmative programs of various ethnicities and religions.


Link: http://m.viva.co.id/life/parenting/909364-pendidikan-kebhinekaan-di-sekolah-perlukah

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