High Intolerance the Impact of Tolerance Learning Without Practice

Suara Pembaruan, page 18

The education system in Indonesia, including West Java is still limited to theory without practice in everyday life. This condition is due to the determination of curriculum that prioritizes mere knowledge without thinking of the importance of empathy related to various differences that exist in society. On the other hand, this issue of intolerance could potentially develop into the division of society. One of the media that is the means of spreading the issue is social media.

Lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Padjadjaran University, Selly Riawanti said the material related to tolerance for life in a heterogeneous society like Indonesia does not cover vertical diversity. Religious diversity education exists only in elementary school, which also emphasizes only on symbols. While in higher education it is increasingly clustered per religious group.

Selly said the education system is very important in effort to erode the attitude of intolerance. Unfortunately, the prevailing system in Indonesia is dominated by normative information. Students lack time in reflecting the horizontal and vertical differences in their environment. Moreover, the development of information technology allows students to obtain much information. Without the ability to process it, the internet could open the world or class/group sentiment.

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