The Committee To Ensure No Jockey in SBMPTN 2017

The Head of Central Committee of SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2017, Ravik Karsidi, assured there would be no cheating, question leaks or even jockeys in the Joint Admission Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN). Ravik underlined that his autonomy soon took action if cheating occurred. He reminded parents and students not to trust any party either inside or outside campus who ‘guaranteed’ them being accepted in the state universities.

He added that the State University (PTN) all over Indonesia would accept 128,244 students with the detail as follows: 63,685 places for science & technology, and 64,559 seats for social science & humanities. The SBMPTN registration will be closed on May 5, 2017.

There are eight universities that just participate in SBMPTN 2017, including ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Arts) in Yogyakarta and ISBI (Indonesian Art and Culture Institute) in Bandung. Therefore, there are 85 universities involved in total. They provide 2,954 study programs consisting of science & technology study programs (1,563) and social science & humanities study programs (1,391). Meanwhile, the Bidikmisi participants who had not been accepted through SNMPTN 2017 will have cost-free registration for SBMPTN 2017.



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