Three Central Jakarta Primary Schools implement Computer Based Exams

Media Indonesia, page 21

Three primary schools in Jakarta started implementing computer-based school exams (USBK). The three schools are located in the Central Jakarta area, namely State Primary School (SDN) Menteng 03 in Jalan Cilacap No. 5, SDN Menteng 02 in Jalan Tegal No 10, and Santa Theresia Primary School at Jalan Tegal No 10.

The USBK was held on Tuesday (25/4) until yesterday with subjects of religious education, Pancasila and citizenship education (PPKn), and social science (IPS).  Head of Primary Education Section of the Central Jakarta Education Agency, Agus Sulistyanto said, Thursday (27/4), that previously his party had not been able to conduct the USBK, but this year three flagship primary schools in Central Jakarta started to implement because they were ready infrastructure-wise.

Each school that conducts the USBK, he continued, has 20-25 computers or laptops. SDN Menteng 03 provides 25 laptops with the details of 20 from donations from the Ministry of Education and Culture and five laptops as backup if the system is in trouble. The total of 25 laptops is actually not enough to meet the needs of 57 students of grade 6 SDN Menteng 03.  Therefore, the exam hours were made three times in turns.

Yoda, aged 12, examinee student, admitted that he was not surprised/ taken aback by this computer-based exam. That is because he is used to using a laptop on a daily basis. The principal of SDN Menteng 03, Akhmad Solikhin, said that the computer system makes the exam process faster and economical. Students do not need to fill out their names and personal data such as in the paper-based tests. By entering the account name and password, the student data is already connected to the system.

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