Antihoax Literacy Needs to Enter Curriculum

Kompas, page 12

Anti-hoax  or false news literacy education needs to be included in the national education curriculum. The move is important to fortify the public since early on from floods of fake news on social media. So was the theme in the seminar “Combating Hoax, Strengthening National Cyber (Awareness)” held by the Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI), Monday (1/5).

Indonesia New Media Watch Director Agus Sudibyo said the antihoax literacy education could be implemented starting from elementary school. It aims to make children to early on properly use smart mobile phones and to wisely socialize in social media. Agus did not dismiss the current efforts of the government and some elements of civil society with the familiarizing and establishment of a forum. However, since hoaxes have been massively produced and distributed, the move is not enough to contain it. He pointed out South Korea has long been applying a new media literacy education that prevents people from being provoked by false news.

Deputy IV of the Office of Presidential Staff Eko Sulistyo responded, for the long term anti-hoax literacy education is indeed required.  While for the short term, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture produces and disseminates social media content of positive value, both from the local scope as well as the national scale.

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