Campus Forbids Radical Movement

Suara Pembaruan, page 3, Saturday, April 29

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), M.Nasir asserted that campuses should be sterile from activities that lead to the movement and propaganda of radicalism, that is against the nation’s ideology.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the rector and head of the universities, to oversee all student activities, so as not to lead to the issues that intersect with radicalism and the movement to change the state and its foundation.

Nasir said that since taking his position, he had signed an MoU with the BNPT (National Agency for Combating Terrorists), in 2015, the content of which campuses should be free from radicalism. In addition MoUs were signed with BIN (State Intelligence Agency) and the Ministry of Defense. MoU with BNN (National Narcotics Agency) was also signed to free campuses from narcotics. The assertion was conveyed in response to the existence of a movement forum indicated which leads to efforts to replace the form of the state foundation that were held in a number of universities. Not only that, they also recruit a mass of followers by targeting students.

He explained if radicalism is allowed to enter the campus, it would give birth to seeds of intolerance. For that, Nasir has instructed the rectors and vice rectors to oversee all forms of activity within the campus environment. If there is an activity that leads to the radicalism movement and efforts to change the form of state and state foundation, the rector will be summoned and given sanctions.

Attempts to counter radicalism on campus also involve the Ministry of Defense. The form of activities undertaken is state defense education that started since the Study Orientation and Introduction to Campus (Ospek). The existence of state defense education is expected to diminish radicalism and violence on campus in any form.

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