Higher Education Ready to Develop Regions

Media Indonesia, page 13

A number of universities have designed to prepare their human resources and researches to advance the regions. Such as that conducted by Sebelas Maret University (UNS), which focuses on providing added value to the Central Java Province, especially the areas of former Residency of Surakarta.

The Rector of UNS, Ravik Karsidi, explained, in the field of agriculture, UNS is specifically involved in the procurement process of rice, corn, and soybean. The role is done through facilitation by thematic real work course program that has reached 20 regencies and cities by deploying experts, conducting researches up to making assisted villages.  One of the results is banana cultivation in Jenawi sub-district, Karanganyar Regency, where the planted seeds are of superior varieties based on tissue culture research results conducted by researchers from the faculty of agriculture.

It is another case with the Surakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMS) which is more focused on human and education development by producing teachers and also officials in the education agencies up  to the ministry level.  UMS has now become the spearhead in improving the quality of human resources in the area.

Meanwhile, the University of Diponegoro has gained international and global recognition for having developed chilly and rice preservation technology with nano technology that allows them to last long.  Currently Undip is developing food preservation researches for longer lasting periods and plans to involve the farmers of Central Java for the research.

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