Kemristekdikti: New Students Should Choose Programs in Accordance with Economic Growth

Suara Pembaruan, page 17, Saturday, April 29

The Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of The Ministry Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti), Intan Ahmad, said that the new students continuing their education at universities (PT), either State (PTN) or Private (PTS), should choose programs that are in accordance with their interests and talents. In addition, their chosen programs should be relevant with economic growth. Intan suggested that new students could use several indicators to choose their campuses. The indicators were the quality of the graduates, the accreditation of campus, and the study program (prodi).

In regard to this point, he appealed to new students to promptly register themselves with their chosen campuses. For those unsuccessful in the National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN), which was announced on Wednesday (26/4), there is no need to feel dispirited. This is because the government has provided the Joint Admission Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) and Mandiri Test (UM).

He explained that the student quota of PTN this year was still the same as last year. Intan added that the quota of SNMPTN was determined solely by the rectors through placing the score of student academic data and the achiever schools as the main indicators.

Meanwhile, Intan stated that the government provided students, especially those from Underdeveloped, Frontier, and Outermost (3T) regions as well as Papua and West Papua another chance through the Higher Education Affirmation Scholarship (Adik) to continue their education in the excellence universities.

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