Clear Campuses from Radicalism

Media Indonesia, page 1

Widespread intolerance, radicalism, and terrorism in the public, including on campus, led the leaders of 55 state Islamic religious higher education (PTKIN) throughout Indonesia to make declarations to defy them.

Related to that, Indonesia Rectors’ Forum (FRI) also stated the same matter.  Vice Chairman of FRI Asep Saifuddin said even though it is only 1-2 campuses, still the campus is a place of intellectuals and prospective intellectuals. Therefore, a common understanding is needed to uphold Pancasila. According to him, as the foundation of the state’s ideology, Pancasila is complete and it is now up to the campus how it can fill Pancasila.  If the campus has been firmly upholding Pancasila as the foundation of ideology, continued Asep, all negative understandings could be minimized.

Previously, as many as 55 leaders of PTKIN throughout Indonesia agreed to reject all forms of intolerance, radicalism and terrorism. They made the Declaration of Aceh. The Declaration was read out by Chairman of the Leadership Forum of PTKIN throughout Indonesia, Dede Rosyada, on April 26, at the opening of Scientific, Sports, Arts, and Research (Pioneer) VIII Week at Ar-Raniry State Islamic University, Banda Aceh.

The declaration mentioned that the leadership of PTKIN vowed to prohibit various forms of activities that are against Pancasila, and anti-NKRI, intolerant, radical in religious teaching, and terrorism in all PTKI.

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Kemendikbud, Hamid Muhammad revealed that there are three main sources of radicalism in educational institutions, especially in schools, namely from books, from teachers, and that which are difficult to control are from media or social media.

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