High Quality Education for All

Kompas, page 12

High quality education evenly distributed and achievable by all communities should be the nation’s target for education. This must be promptly implemented, because of the rapidly changing world and demands for higher quality human resources.

This was stated by the Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, at the celebration of National Education Day (Hardiknas) on Tuesday (2/5), in Jakarta. Mendikbud said that all parties should continue to work hard in upgrading the quality of education. However, while it was necessary to accelerate this achievement, it must also be evenly distributed.

In regard to upgrade the quality of education, Muhadjir said that this could be implemented through reforming the educational practice. The aim was to give birth to the next national generation who are strong in character and manner as well as masters of the various skills of life, vocations, and professions in the 21st century. In addition, he stated that character building has returned as the foundation and spirit of the national education.

Besides strengthening character building, he said that reformations of education to be implemented were in regard to the study time at school, subject organization and study activity, as well as the responsibility and role of the teacher and other educational personnel. Reformation in the action stage could be seen through the Character Building Strengthening Movement and National Literacy Movement.


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