Four Months Not Received Salary

Jawa Pos, page 12

The transfer of SMA and SMK management from the regency/ city administration to the provincial administration which started early this year still leaves issues. The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) continues to receive reports of temporary teachers in state high schools /vocational high schools who have not received salaries until the end of April. That means it is already four months that some temporary teachers had not received their salaries.

Mendikbud, Muhadjir Effendy said that in fact his ministry has made a circular letter that allows the use of school operational assistance funds (BOS) to pay teachers’ salaries. However, there are still many schools that are reluctant to apply the rule for fear of becoming the findings of a financial audit by the financial auditing body (BPK).

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI), Muhammad Ramli Rahim said that the Kemendikbud may just mention that it has given permission to use the BOS funds for the salaries of temporary teachers. However, the root problem of the delay of the temporary teachers’ salary is because of BOS funds that have not been received by schools. He hopes that Kemendikbud could check the distribution of BOS funds in the regions. Do not just accept reports that BOS funds have reached the provincial level.

In addition, Ramli added that the province is currently evaluating the number of temporary teachers. In almost all provinces, the number of temporary teachers is excessive. Ramli hopes the provincial administration would soon assign the recruited temporary teachers to fill the needs. So that the status of their salaries would be certain, unlike now.

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