Literacy Movement Encourages Students and Teachers to (Create) Works

Kompas, page 12

Schools play an important role in developing the creativity of students and teachers to boost the nation’s literacy. Schools can develop excellence in literacy ranging from reading to writing. If necessary, the school literacy movement is not merely a routine. It is time to encourage literacy movement to produce authentic works of students and teachers. At least, this spirit is shouldered by SMA Labschool Jakarta; this school is under Jakarta State University.

The school not only provides a library with the facilities of interesting books and the friendly and comfortable design of the library room, but learning in school is also utilized to enhance student literacy. Principal of SMA Labschool Jakarta Suparno Sastro said, in the 21st century literacy becomes a necessity. Good literacy competence will inhibit the threat of hoaxes. Society would not be easily provoked by false news.

Indonesian Teacher of SMA Labschool Jakarta Renni Haerani said, initially students were “forced” to write.  One of the Indonesian lesson materials of grade XI is to write short stories. The works of these students were polished to become a collection of short stories. This encourages them to continue to be inspired to write. There are nine books of collection of short stories to date. According to Renni, students require writing skills to fulfill the obligation to make scientific works in the final grade. Students from this school create a scientific work that is guided by a teacher in order to graduate and obtain a diploma.

Students’ impulse to write is also due to teachers providing inspiration. Teachers develop educational methods that make students become proactive in seeking literature, not only on the internet, but also through library books. One of the teachers teaching Citizenship Education, Satriawan Salim, actively writes in social media and mainstream media. His second collection of writings was launched simultaneously with a collection of student short stories.


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