State SMP Unable to Implement UNBK

Media Indonesia, page 23

Of 165 SMP, There were only eight schools that could implement the Computer-Based National Exam (UNBK) in West Bandung Regency; all were private schools. Meanwhile, the state schools held the Paper-Based National Exam (UNKP).

The Head of Education Office of West Bandung, Imam Santoso, revealed that this was due to budget limitations restricting the number of computer units.

Imam explained that state schools have a high number of students. Imagine, for instance, that on average there are 400 students in each school, split into three sessions to take the UNBK. That still means some 135 students per session, whereas on average state schools only have around 40 units of computers.

The other problem, he said is that the number of students across Indonesia continues to increase every year, this creating an imbalance with the facilities and infrastructure, mainly computers. Even so, Imam said that his authority was going to find the solution in order to obtain budget from both central and provincial government, as well as pemda. Through this, there were a minimum of 5-8 state SMP that able to be part of the pilot project as schools implementing UNBK.

Meanwhile, three state SMP in Cirebon who took the UNBK should request staying in other schools: 370 students of SMP 5 Kota Cirebon were placed in SMK Wahidin, the students of SMP Negeri 1 were placed in SMK 1, and the students of State SMP 8 were placed in State SMA 4 Kota Cirebon. According to Jaja, seven private schools independently held the UNBK.






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