Community Academies Must Work With Industry

Republika, page 5

Kemenristek Dikti appealed to community academies to work in synergy with industry. The goal is for the educational process to run better. Director General of Institutional Science and Technology and Higher Education Patdono Suwignjo said, although they are new academies in Indonesian education, so far he has issued 90 permits in the establishment of community academies. They are all scattered in various regions. This was revealed by Patdono after inaugurating the Academy
of Indonesia Cement Community (AKSI) Rembang and Pidie Aceh. These are vocational higher education institutions established by PT Semen Indonesia.

However, out of 90 established community academies, 40 of them are already defunct. Mostly because they have no cooperation with industry. According to Patdono, AKSI is a successful vocational higher education institution. AKSI does not only cooperate with industry, but is also given birth by industry, namely PT Semen Indonesia in cooperation with the local administrations.

The second requirement for a successful community academy, says Patdono, is 50 percent of its lecturers are from industry.  He expects graduates of this academy are ready for work. He assessed, AKSI Rembang will not have difficulty to bring in half the lecturers from the industry circle. Many employees at the Indonesian Cement factory are ready to teach a wide range of industry knowledge.

The third requirement is there must be a place of internship for students. Internship is not merely seeing people working, but students work supervised by the experts. Kemenristek Dikti believes AKSI would not have trouble undertaking it.

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