Education Services in the Regions Yet to Reach National Standards

The education services in the regions are still far from national standards. Therefore, a commitment to the improvement of quality education services that meet national standards must be ensured starting from the fulfillment of minimum service standards.

Secretary of the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education, Kemdikbud, Thamrin Kasman said that in education services there are two references, namely minimum service standards and national education standards. The expectation is of course the achievement of eight national standards, but generally in the regions they have only reached level three of level six that must be achieved. This was conveyed by Thamrin in the Education Discussion and Exchange of Opinions Gathering also known as Kopi Darat held by the ACDP Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (4/5). The theme this time is “Education Minimum Service Standards: Not Just Fulfillment of Facilities and Infrastructure”.

According to Thamrin, the regions should not settle for minimum standards.  This is because education is the nation’s investment for all citizens. Local administrations should have a strong commitment to providing high standard of education services to make people competitive.

Bob Sagala, Head of Sub-Directorate of Java-Bali Regional Planning, Directorate General of Regional Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the local administrations should ensure all citizens, including from poor families, to have their basic needs fulfilled.  Education is one of the basic needs for decent living that the state must fulfill.



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