Good Impact of Technology for Primary School Children

The Minimum Service Standards (SPM) of Education has been widely applied by several schools in the city and regency. SPM is considered to be a benchmark in building the education system for the better. Since its introduction in 2004, SPM has been the key to policy in Indonesia with the aim of improving the performance of the regional administrations.  As told by the Secretary General of Primary and Secondary Education, Thamrin Kasman, standardized service is an absolute right to every citizen.

Thamrin said speaking of services means talking about standards or measure. It is the absolute right of every citizen and must be borne by the government. There are two essences of the minimum standard, namely to measure performance according to the task and the law and the footing to reach the national standard. This was conveyed in the media discussion KOPI DARAT (meet), at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta, (3/5).

One of the developing standards is through technology. The presence of technology, Thamrin believes, can facilitate the process of evaluating the performances of regional administrations in providing the rights to children who are in primary school. The growing information technology, which can respond to every activity; actually the performance could ultimately be evaluated by anyone. So the steps can be measured on their own as well.

Concrete steps that have been implemented through the development of technology are around the special region of ​​Yogyakarta.  Rahayu, Principal of SDN 1 Maguwoharjo said, through technology, teacher attendance could be recorded quickly. Rahayu said the fingerprint made it easier for her to record the total amount of teachers’ time in educating the children; since the child must obtain his/her right to receive education in accordance with policy.


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