Honorary Teachers still not Receiving Attention

Koran Sindo, page 2

According to USAID research through the Prioritas program regarding supply and demand of new teachers in elementary schools, Indonesia is still short of some 282,224 PNS (civil servant) classroom teachers. This shortage has been filled by non-PNS teachers including honorary teachers.

In the view of the Head of Indonesian Teachers Union (PGRI), Unifah Rasyidi, the Government seems to have no serious concern in regard to upgrading the honorary teachers’ welfare. The honorary teachers’ salaries are still very low, plus there is no minimum standard salary to protect their interests. Their salaries still depend on the respective school’s policies. In short, honorary teachers are needed but they do not receive any attention.

In this regard, Unifah said that PGRI had offered dialogue to resolve the problem. However, the government has not responded in a proper manner. If this is left unresolved, Unifah worries about interruptions to the quality of education in Indonesia

Meanwhile, the Head of Two Category Honorary Forum (K2) Indonesia, Titi Purwaningsih, said that the salaries of honorary teachers depended on the the policies of the regional heads and the fiscal capacity of each region. There are still a few regions providing a worthy salary to honorary teachers.

Relating to this, the Deputy of Policy Review of National Institute of Administration (LAN), Muhammad Taufiq, said that the matter regarding honorary personnel should be resolved. Their dedication should receive appreciation without interrupting the merit system that has been established. The rights and duty of honorary teachers should run in tandem. When they met the required qualifications, they should receive good welfare.

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