To Ward Off Radicalism OSIS Students Follow KKP

Media Indonesia, page 22

Concerns over diversity threats and the influence of radicalism as well as intolerance in educational institutions specifically the school environments must be accompanied by a series of activities that can foster the strengthening of students’ character. Related to that, Director of High School Development, Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture held a Student Leadership Crater (platform) (KKP) event followed by 272 participants from the board of Intra-School Student Organizations (OSIS) in 34 provinces held from 1 to 6 May in Bogor, West Java.

Director of SMA Development, of Kemendikbud, Purwadi, said that the KKP activity is one of the programs in the movement of strengthening character education of the nation’s children.  The activity followed by selected students from OSIS management is expected to foster multiplicity and diversity, as well as counteract the influence of radicalism and intolerance affecting Indonesian students.

According to Purwadi, through a method which is designed in such a way, KKP becomes   a platform of hope in order to prepare a generation of strong character that will reflect Indonesia in the future. The KKP attended by aspirant future leaders, is expected to be able to generate individuals that are excellent, confident, skilled and respectful of the diversity that has been established.

Meanwhile, Head of Subdirectorate of Learners, Directorate of SMA Development of Kemendikbud, Suharlan added that the KKP participants are members of OSIS in schools and are the best representatives of the respective provinces. There are 8 students and accompanied by 2 teachers from each province. The KKP material presented is applying cooperative attitude, strengthening nationalism, honesty, caring, positive and critical thinking, as well as growing deference and mutual respect in diversity.

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