Menristekdikti: LGBT Institution Banned from Campus

Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education M Nasir confirms the prohibition to enter campus the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) institutionally, not individuals. It was revealed by Nasir responding to the circulation of a form stating exclusion from LGBT by Andalas University to prospective students who pass SNMPTN.  Nasir explains individually there is no ban from Andalas University against students because it is a human right (HAM).  But LGBT institutions entering the campus are not allowed.

According to him, the campus is functionally an institution to develop better education, not a place to carry out romance, moreover same-sex because there are norms that must be held firm.

Previously, the circulation of forms through social media regarding the statement letter from the University of Andalas regarding the rejection of LGBT has also sparked a variety of reactions, both supportive and resistant.

The West Sumatra Minangkabau Indigenous Peoples’ Cohesion Institution (LKAAM) supports Unand’s policy of requiring prospective students to be free from LGBT, including also from the Indonesian Ulema Council of West Sumatera and the Governor of West Sumatra Irwan Prayitno; stating that everyone has the right to an education, but not by ignoring the social values ​​that society believes.

The rejection of the policy of banning LGBT from Unand emerged, such as from the Human Rights National Commission of West Sumatera and LBH Padang because it as a form of discrimination that could violate human rights if forced.



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