Number of Medical Students to be Limited

Koran Sindo, page 1

The government will promptly limit the number of medical students in state universities (PTN) and private universities (PTS). This policy is aimed at upgrading the quality of medical graduates in the Country.

The quota regulation for medical students admission will be released at the end of May and promptly applied. The Director of Quality Guarantor of Ditjen Learning and Student Affair (Belmawa) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti), Aris Junaidi, said that the decision of Menristek Dikti regarding the limitation on the number of medical and dentistry students still faced the finalization process in the Legal Bureau of Kemenristek Dikti. The regulation is predicted to be released at the end of May and applied after its release.

According to the Data from the Indonesia Medical Council (KKI), there are today 83 Medical Faculties (FK) in PTN and PTS across Indonesia. Of these, eight FK have just received permission from Kemenristek Dikti in March last year. Of such number, 17 FK were accredited A, 29 FK accredited B, and 37 FK accredited C. Based on this data, 45 percent of FK in Indonesia are still accredited C.

Aris said that the quota for each campus in accepting students had not been publically announced as it was still under discussion. However, he revealed that the number of medical faculties permitted to accept new students was not just based on accreditation, but four overall indicators: accreditation, availability of a teaching hospital, results of the competence test, and the ratio of lecturers and students.

Aris stated that the regulation regarding the limitation of the number of medical students already existed in a circular letter of Dirjen of Higher Education. In his view, the existence of the minister decree this year aims to create more complete requirements. Aris also underlined that the justice principle in this minister decree was higher than before.

This quota is the government’s guarantee to upgrade the quality of medical faculties as well as their graduates. In the future, a medical faculty will only be able to accept a certain number of students based on accreditation and the percentage graduating. As an example, he offered that, for instance, should a medical faculty be accredited A then this faculty would be able to accept 300 students, whereas a faculty accredited C, would only be able to accept 50 students.



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