Pemprov not in the Side of Honorary

Koran Sindo, page 2

After UU Number 23/2014 regarding Local Government (Pemda) had been legalized, the senior high education was transferred from regency/city to provincial authority. One of effects of such a devolution of authority is the obscurity of honorary teachers’ fate. The General Head of Indonesian Teachers Union (IGI), M Ramli Rahim, said that the provincial policy was still unclear since this shift. Several provinces were also confused about managing honorary teachers.

He said that there were still several honorary teachers who had received no salary in this fifth month, although these teachers had families to support. Ramli said that the obscurity of honorary teachers occurred in several regions. For instance in South Sulawesi, there were more than 16,000 honorary teachers, even though the education board only requires around 4,000 honorary teachers.

The Governor, Morowali Anwar Hafid admitted that he was still continuing to coordinate the arrangement of the financing mechanism of senior high school from regency/city. He viewed that this was necessary due to the concern should there was a non-legal charge for the parents and the neglected honorary teachers.




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