Pesantren Graduates Deemed Competitive

Republika, page 5

Students from Pesantrens (Islamic Boarding Schools) are considered less competitive after they graduate and enter the workplace. Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri said that pesantren students do not only obtain education on knowledge/science, but also morals and culture (adab). According to him, to enter the world of work it is not only knowledge that is required but also character.

Hanif said, pesantren children will never lose competitiveness because the children of pesantren are not only educated about science, but the key is they are educated on morals, culture, and good manners (budi pekerti).

Hanif added the character of manpower becomes the main capital in the work world. Character is an expensive item in the work world. To form character takes a long time and the process is not fast. Moreover, the competition to enter the work world will be more stringent in Indonesia. Not just for work, schools also require tight competition.  After graduating from school, the graduates will compete for work or create employment.

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