Graduate’s Quality should be a Priority

Koran Sindo, page 2

The government’s policy limiting the number of medical students should be counterbalanced with a monitoring and structuring mechanism for the distribution of graduates to ensure the upgrade in the quality of doctors as well as meeting the need for public health personnel.

Sekjen of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), Untung Suseno Sutardjo, appreciates this soon to be released regulation in regard to medical students. However, the more serious problem is to ensure that the distribution of the number of medical students is evenly distributed. As from the other side the number of medical student has actually been ideal.

At this time, the regulation concerning the limitation on the number of medical students is still being processed by the Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenrsitekdikti). In the future, the regulation concerning the limitation on the number of medical students will be in the form of a Menristek Dikti Decree.

Untung admitted that there was already a discussion between kemenkes with Kemeristek Dikti concerning the number of medical students. In his view, this limitation could be a development instrument for medical faculties although he did not know how the regulation would be. The future expectation is that this limitation will relate to the quality of medical student graduates.

The Head of Honorary Board of Medical Ethics PB Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), Prijo Sidi, said that Indonesia was indeed short of doctors. However, on the other hand medical education was also still below standard. One of the indicators is the imbalance between the ratio of doctors and medical students.

He revealed that the regulation in regard to the establishment of a medical faculty in a region was often violated. According to the regulation, a faculty may be established when the area population reaches a minimum of three (3) million. In Indonesia, however, establishment of medical faculties can occur with a population as low as just two (2) million people. Whereas in Singapore, he pointed out, a medical faculty can only be established in an area with a population of six (6) million people.

Prijo explained that at currently the numerous medical faculties were only oriented towards finding a lot of medical students. Surely, this will not occur if the government does not give permission.


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