Group Highlights Methods Radicals Use to Indoctrinate School Kids

Several methods are commonly used to indoctrinate the youth with radical ideologies, and greater awareness of this is crucial for both teachers and students, said Irfan Amalee, director of Peace Generation, a nonprofit organization that promotes peace and tolerance.

Human rights violations and the use of deception for radical purposes in schools were raised during a discussion hosted by the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) in Jakarta on Tuesday (02/05) to commemorate National Education Day. Irfan said political motivation is the first method and commonly used to brainwash students.

He said radical groups also use history to touch young and fragile minds and that teachers need to be aware on this.

He added that a psychological perspective is also used to glorify perpetrators of violence as heroes, and to teach children that violence is the best single solution to resolving conflict. In addition, religion is also often misused, by partially quoting verses from the Koran to attract support and recruit members.

Irfan said, they [radical groups] are targeting children and using verses quoted partially to deceive them. If teachers can’t prevent this and give students a full understanding, they might join the jihadist movements.


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