Highlight Productive Ideas

Kompas, page 12

The diversity of Indonesia in the era of democracy and globalization increasingly faces challenges. The world of education is asked to produce a generation of learners who can develop a variety of solution-based and productive ideas for the nation.

The Coordinator of the Indonesian Police Expert Staff Inspector General Iza Fadri at the Open University (UT) graduation seminar in South Tangerang, Monday (8/5), said all elements of the nation, including education, should be encouraged to continue to minimize differences of interests. According to Iza, the student must be able to be an agent of change in his life in order to produce solution-based and productive thinking for the nation.

UT Rector Tian Belawati said, the insight/perception of nationalism by instilling good nationalistic values is very important for UT as the contribution of higher education.  UT has students throughout Indonesia, even overseas.

Separately, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy at the inauguration of the establishment of SMK 1 Muhammadiyah in Bogor Regency, said last weekend,  the students’ attitude of being Indonesian should be good. Therefore, education is organized as a culturization and empowerment of learners that lasts a lifetime.  In the implementation of education in schools, he continued, misleading doctrines should not be included.

In an educational discussion held by Education Sector Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) Indonesia, ACDP Indonesia religious education expert Muljani Nurhadi said that diversity education should be able to be implemented in schools in ways that inspire students. From ACDP-supported studies, actually formal Islamic religious education has a major role to promote culture and values of tolerance and peace.

This study states that there are many values and principles that are embedded in the curriculum. However, it needs better implementation. Diversity Teachers’ School seeks to restore the spirit and motivation of education to the values of nationality, diversity, and humanity. Teachers through the process of learning and refreshment are invited to find solutions to the problems of intolerance that occur in society by using existing potential that is around them.


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