SMK without Zoning Limit

Jawa Pos, page 8

The mechanism of admissions of new learners (PPDB) SMA/SMK in East Java will be made similar to the state higher education entrance joint selection (SNMPTN). Namely, being in a unified/ an integrated network on a single online page. Thus, students simply register online. Head of East Java Education Agency Saiful Rachman said the selection process was sought in respective regions. Out-of-town students who will enroll in other cities may join. If accepted, students can come to the intended school.

Even so, the PPDB system between SMA and SMK levels differ.  The SMA level applies zoning and has a 10 percent quota limit for students between districts/cities. Conversely, for SMK level, there is no zoning system. Quota limitations for students outside the region were also abolished.

Zoning to enter state high schools (SMA negeri) in each regency/ city can vary. Surabaya, for example, has five zones. Namely, east, west, north, south, and central.  Each student can choose two schools. The first choice is in the zone, the second choice is outside the zone. The priority, he continued, is in a zone based on where one lives and the school origin.

Meanwhile, for SMK, there are several stages of selection that must be followed by prospective students. Namely, the test of academic potential (TPA), physical tests, to medical tests. These efforts were done to select students who are really tough. Because, they are prepared or oriented to the world of work. Besides without Zoning, in SMK there is no quota for students outside the region. The reason is that not all regions have skills/expertise programs or majors as desired by junior high school graduates. Saiful said the mobility of registering to SMK is also not the same as SMA.

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