Vocational Education Direction Needs to be Clarified


Educational observer Indra Charismiadji mentioned the government needs a design of the needs of vocational high school (SMK) graduate workforce in the industrial world. The goal is to clarify the direction of vocational education and the needs of industry. He said it would be a dangerous thing if there is no blue print or grand design to which direction to be generated.

Currently, he said, the government is focusing vocational education towards the maritime, tourism, creative economy, food and agriculture security sectors. He said the government should exert its focus on those four areas. Indra highlights, according to him now there are many SMK teachers who are not competent to teach materials appropriate to industry.

In addition, he considered the SMK is yet to be in line with the needs of industry. He compared, Germany and the Netherlands have a close relationship between industry and SMK.

He suggested the regions should build SMKs that have majors in accordance with the region’s local needs.  After that, the regional administrations must calculate the number of manpower needs to meet industry in their regions.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/17/05/08/opn3jf368-arah-pendidikan-vokasi-perlu-diperjelas

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