26 Universities of Excellence to Take Foster Program

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Dirjen of Learning and Student Affair of the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Dirjen Kemenristekdikti), Intan Ahmad, said that according to the selection and assessment result of Kemenristekdikti, 26 universities of excellence have been stipulated to take the Foster program.

He explained that such universities have been given the grant fund to guide institutions still accredited C, including the study program (Prodi) that is still in C accreditation. This is to be carried out through monitoring and guiding in the System Clinique Implementation of Internal Quality Assurance (SPMI).

The Decree (SK) of Dirjen Belmawa Number 179/SK/2017 stipulates 26 universities in 2017. The Director of Quality Assurance, Ditjen Belmawa Kemristekdikti, Aris Junaidi, said that in resolving the problem of educational disparity, Indonesia had numerous universities compared to other countries. Based on Kemenristekdikti data, there are 4,472 universities but with different qualities. The disparity in quality between universities is still high.

He said that it is necessary to foster the growth of a culture of quality in the universities. The quality of universities has a strong correlation with that of their graduates. At the present time, however, there is much disparity in the quality of universities in Indonesia with a major gap between universities of high quality and those of low quality.

To face up to resolving the disparity between universities, Aris said that Kemristekdikti has introduced innovative programs to upgrade the university’s quality through the priority program. One of these programs is the University of Excellence Foster Program.

He explained that this was Kemenristekdikti’s program to upgrade the service, to cultivate the culture, as well as to upgrade the prodi’s quality through strengthening the internal quality assurance system in universities. This is implemented through the foster program by the universities of excellence.

The universities with excellent accreditation are expected to provide guidance and sharing of best practices. This will motivate and inspire those universities accredited C, as well as enabling them to implement good practices in their universities, thus leading to upgrade of their accreditation.

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