Children’s Stories in Mother Tongue

Kompas, page 11

The variety of mother tongues is introduced early on through children’s storybooks for children of early childhood education. This method aims to foster a love of the local language and Indonesian and supports the development of language skills of early age children. On Wednesday (10/5), in Jakarta, the “Festival and Creativity of Early Childhood 2017 themed Building Literacy Culture Since Early Age.”   In this activity, as many as 1,646 early age children listened to creative stories in local language by 217 early childhood (PAUD) teacher native speakers of the relevant mother tongue.

They read stories in the mother tongue creatively, inserted with the introduction of traditional matters, songs, games, and drawing activities. Also 450 children participated in a regional dance festival. The most story reading in the mother tongue by the PAUD teachers obtained the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) award.

Director of PAUD Development of Kemdikbud,Ella Yulaelawati said  that her party  published 61 books of learning by playing materials in the mother tongue.  The story books published in the mother tongue include in the languages of Padang Solok, Batak Toba, Betawi, Sundanese, Melayu, and Jamee (Aceh).

According to Ella, the introduction of literacy by publishing learning and playing materials in the mother tongue aims to facilitate communication and interaction among educators and learners. It also supports language, social and cognitive skills development, as well as fosters a love for Indonesian and their local languages.

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