Ministry of Education Prepares Books in Regional Language

Koran Tempo, page 10

The Ministry of Education and Culture develops teaching materials in local languages for early childhood education. Director of Early Childhood Education Development of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ella Yulaelawati, said the teaching materials are useful to support the development of children’s language skills since early on simultaneously fostering local wisdom.

Ella said the teaching materials were in the form of story books, songs, and dance videos translated into 55 local languages.  According to Ella, so far children are more interested in gadgets and better understand cartoon characters they watch on television.  On the contrary they do not know the characters and folklore in their respective regions.

Educational observer, Itje Chodidjah, said the books in local language are best taught from an early age before learning the national language. That way, children would more easily understand and apply the values taught in the books in their daily lives.

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