Number Registered for SBMPTN 2017 Increases

Republika, page 5

The registration of Joint Admission Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) 2017 was closed on May 9, 2017 at 16.00 WIB. According to the results of the recapitulation of those that registered as stipulated by the Central Committee of SNMPTN-SBMPTN 2017, a total of 797,023 people registered for the SBMPTN test 2017.

The Head of SNMPTN-SBMPTN 2017 Central Committee, Ravik Karsidi said in a press conference on Wednesday (10/5), that the total number registered for SBMPTN test 2017 was an increase on previous years. The number has continued to increase over the last three years, there being 664,509 registered in 2014, 764,185 registered in 2015, and 721,326 registered in 2016.

The capacity of registrants accepted has also increased, from 126,804 seats in 2016 being 128,085 seats in 2017, as well as an increasing number of universities accepting those registered from 78 PTN in 2016 up to 85 PTN in 2017. Of 797,023 SBMPTN 2017 registrants, Ravik said that Bidik Misi accounted for 157,974 registrants. Among regular registrants, humanities & social studies (260,780 people) was a more popular cluster than natural science & technology (256,452 people). The same held true for Bidik Misi registrants too.

Of those taking SBMPTN 2017, 776,163 students took the Paper-Based Test (PBT) while just 20,860 students took the Computer-Based Test (CBT). Ravik said that expansion of the CBT type was planned as this would become the SBMPTN test type in the future.



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