Schools with Low UN Achievement to be Coached

Republika, page 5

Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) asked the regional administrations (pemda) and schools to immediately address results of the national exams (UN) 2017 in their respective regions. Especially, in areas where schools have low achievement of the results of UN 2017. Directorate General (Ditjen) Dikdasmen would also soon conduct coaching of schools with very low achievement. Coaching includes training of teachers of subjects with low scores; analyzing deficiencies, understanding the material, and correct delivery.

Kapuspendik Kemendikbud Nizam said the follow-up should be done by all stakeholders, the government, local administrations, schools, teachers, as well as students and parents.  NIzam exemplifies Yogyakarta as an area that has successfully followed up the low UN results. Yogyakarta managed to intensively nurture 10 schools with low UN results, and this year there is an increase in their achievements.

Nizam added UN results are expected to be used by schools as the basis for improving the quality of the school. Kemendikbud has submitted the UN achievement map of each school to the provincial education agency. Kemendikbud also expected even more schools that become UNBK participants in the exams next year so that UN integrity rises.

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