UNBK (Computer Based National Exam) Boosts Credibility

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, May 13

The implementation of the computer-based high school (SMA) / vocational high school (SMK) / madrasah aliyah (MA) national exams in 2017 is considered to increase confidence in the implementation of the national exams. This is evident from the increasing integrity index which means minimal fraud even though the average national exam scores declined. Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy said this year it is still focused on filtering/cleaning schools from the practice of national exam (UN) cheating by promoting honesty.

According to Muhadjir, the organizing of computer-based national exams (UNBK) has proven to be able to improve the implementation of a more credible UN. In schools that were still running paper & pencil-based UN with high rate of fraud last year, the UN results were corrected quite high when switched to UNBK. For schools whose UN integrity index (IIUN) is below 50, the UN score is corrected -19.21, while below 60 is corrected -14.28. The IIUN of above 80 actually increased by 1.16. The increase of IIUN from UNBK this year reached 3.39.

Muhadjir said the results of the UN should be followed up. This is the responsibility of regional administrations, schools, teachers, and other stakeholders.  UN score achievement for SMA this year is 50.99, while last year was 55.02.   This year’s MA level is 48.25; last year 53.92. In SMK, this year’s UN score is 47.01; last year 52.84. For SMK, the IIUN value actually dropped. In SMK over 90 percent have already implemented UNBK.

Meanwhile, Head of Education Assessment Center of Kemdikbud, Nizam said that schools with high integrity were due to schools and teachers consistently using the evaluation results for improvement. In addition, the schools also focus on completing the materials in the curriculum, not just on working the UN.  Nizam said the UN results evaluate the learning process in the classroom. The completeness of learning in school is the key to success of students achieving the graduate competency standards set nationally. Therefore, the UN results should be really utilized by local administrations and teachers to correct shortcomings in learning.

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