Indonesian Smart Card (KIP) Makes Kids Noble

Media Indonesia, page 25

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK), Puan Maharani, commemorated National Education Day by visiting the students of SD Negeri  61 and PAUD (Early Childhood Education ) Melati, in Dusun Baru Village, Seluma Subdistrict/Seluma Regency, Bengkulu, yesterday (Monday, 15/5). To the education stakeholders in Bengkulu, she reminded that the rapidly changing world phenomenon demands better quality of education.

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture affirmed that the task of the educators is quite heavy/ challenging. In addition to educating the nation’s children, education must target the enhancement of faith and piety. She added that to support national education, the government through the Indonesian smart card priority program will always be committed to continuously improve the quality of services and the provision of educational facilities and infrastructure. With the KIP program, all Indonesian children are expected to be educated so that their children will progress and have noble character.

In Seluma, Puan handed over KIPs to 374 students. She also donated mobile cinema vehicles and 40 titles of folklore books or a total of 500 copies. Especially for SDN 61 Seluma, Menko PMK handed over classroom rehabilitation cost assistance, information technology and communication equipment assistance worth Rp525 million and five laptops. To three PAUDs, Puan handed over educational aids worth Rp40 million per PAUD.

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