Mendikbud: Instill Honesty since Primary School

Kompas, page 12

The national-standard school exams in primary school starting Monday (15/5) must uphold the values ​​of honesty. Therefore, teachers are asked to instill honesty values ​​in the implementation of the exam since primary school age.  It was delivered by Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy when reviewing the national-based school exam (USBN) in Bengkulu City.  Muhadjir saw the implementation of the first day of USBN which tested the subjects of Bahasa Indonesia in SD Negeri 20 Kota Bengkulu and SD Negeri 76 Pekansabtu.

Muhadjir said, in the execution of the test, achievement is important, but prioritize honesty. Therefore, he hopes that teachers can help instill honesty values ​​starting from the implementation of this school exam. He also advised teachers to instill a good spirit of integrity to the students as the nation’s successors.

This year, 4,124,704 primary students across Indonesia from Monday to Wednesday tomorrow undergo USBN. There are three subjects tested, namely Indonesian, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences. The central government entrusted 25 percent of questions in USBN to measure students’ ability across Indonesia for mapping.

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