Mendikbud: Please No More Morning and Evening Classes at Schools

Republika, page 5

The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy, urged local governments to intensify the construction of educational infrastructure. The aim is to maximize the teaching-learning process.

Muhadjir said that in the affidavit, a school was not allowed to have two study schedules: in the morning and evening. If this occurs, the local government (Pemda) is able to create new classes or new school units.

In addition, Muhadjir reminded local governments that regulations should be enacted that require teachers to be at school for eight hours per day. The goal is to prevent teachers from being able find teaching-hours at other schools.

The teaching-learning process will lead to activities supporting students in becoming more active and developing their abilities to innovate. He also stressed that assimilation of local wisdom from respective regions does much to strengthen the building of character

Muhadjir requested that local authorities, together with the central government focus on the addition of computer devices, thus enabling students to become more technologically literate.

In addition, Mendikbud also requested schools to promote the anti-cheat (anticurang) movement and enforce honesty. He said that while educational achievement was essential, even more essential were honesty and integrity, because these define an individual’s mental quality and personality.

He stated that the government will prioritize the strengthening of character and high quality equalization to develop education in the 2017/2018 academic year. Being optimistic by nature, he believes that such development will be of value in implanting the seeds of honesty across the nation.

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