Results of Joint Selection Can Help towards Independent (Path)

Kompas, page 12

The result of the State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) which is a written/skills test is not only to find the best student candidate through this path. State universities are appealed to utilize SBMPTN test results of prospective students in admissions through the independent pathway (jalur mandiri) selection. The independent path is the last “door/gate” to enter state universities (PTN) for high school / vocational high school graduates who failed in the State Higher Education Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) and SBMPTN. This Tuesday, 797,023 applicants will take the written test. They compete to vie for 128,085 seats spread across 85 PTN throughout Indonesia.

Utilization of SBMPTN results is as consideration for independent selection contained in Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 126 Year 2016 on New Student Admissions for the undergraduate program at PTN. The regulation affirms that the independent selection conducted by each PTN uses or utilizes the SBMPTN test results.

Chairman of the SBMPTN 2017 Central Committee Ravik Karsidi said the utilization of SBMPTN results followed by 85 state universities to be used in independent selection (if universities conduct the independent path) has been familiarized. This appeal was welcomed by PTN.  According to Ravik, who is also rector at Sebelas Maret State University (UNS), in Surakarta, his party has utilized the results of SBMPTN in independent selection in UNS. If an SBMPTN participant who does not qualify in this pathway registers again in the independent path, the results of the test are considered for passing the independent path.

Meanwhile, Rector of Tanjungpura University, Pontianak, Thamrin Usman stated, for SBMPTN, his party provides 30 percent quota. Those taking the achievement path there is about 40 percent. As for the independent path it is 30 percent. This year’s quota is about 7,000 students. According to Thamrin, he is ready to consider the results of SBMPTN in admissions in the independent selection path later. The procedure is those who take the SBMPTN have scores to all types of independent tests. When their scores are still feasible to be taken/ considered by comparing the results of independent test and available capacity, SBMPTN participants who are not accepted in this path can be offered entrance through the independent path selection.

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