Give Access to Underprivileged Students

Kompas, page 11

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristek Dikti) reaffirmed its commitment to provide a 20 percent quota for underprivileged students to study at state universities. The quota includes three new admissions paths. The affirmation was stated by Secretary General of Kemristek Dikti, Ainun Na’im related to the implementation of written exam of State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN).  He asserted that the PTNs get allocation of Education Scholarship Fund for Achieving Underprivileged Students (Bidikmisi) from Kemristek Dikti. Scholarship recipients receive college scholarships and living expenses since the start of studies until graduation.

In 2017, Bidikmisi scholarship quota for new students nationwide is 90,000 students. The quota calculation includes open on three paths, namely SBMPTN, SNMPTN, and independent path. If the Bidikmisi quota for PTN is not sufficient, the PTN must still fulfill it by seeking funds. It can be through public funds, Non-Tax State Revenue, or from other institutions.

This year, out of a total of 797,023 applicants in the SBMPTN path, around 157,974 people are applying for Bidikmisi scholarships. As for the SNMPTN, Bidikmisi applicants accepted totaled 26,058 persons from 101,906 the number of new students enrolled/accepted.   According to Ainun, there are also PTN who have their own description of the facilities for underprivileged students. For example, by enacting a single tuition that is zero rupiah. It depends on the policy of each PTN, but what is most important is that the 20 percent quota for underprivileged students must be met.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, of Jakarta State University (UNJ), Muchlis R Luddin said that last year his party gave quota to more than 25 percent for students from underprivileged families. While the SNMPTN path or achievement path last year was over 26 percent. For this year it could reach 29 percent, and it is done with a cross subsidy system.

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