Access to Books Made Closer to Community

Kompas, page 11

The low access to books in the community, especially in rural and remote regions needs to be addressed. Because, the availability of interesting reading books and in accordance with the needs of the community is effective to foster interest in reading for families and communities. Coinciding with National Book Day, Wednesday (17/5), 15 reading and knowledge houses (RBP) at neighborhood level (RT) were launched in Pasir Angin Village, Megamendung Sub-district, Bogor, West Java. The procurement of RBP is supported by Yayasan Dunamis Mitra Pertiwi (Dunamis Foundation).

Dunamis Foundation Secretary, Shirley Wangsanegara said that the existence of RBP which is close to the community would facilitate them to read books and increase knowledge.  Dunamis hopes that volunteers in each RT could actively invite people to read books. Because the book is not just a source of knowledge. Books can also help people improve their living standards because there are many tips on business.

RBP in each RT is unique; there are some using residents’ homes, resident security posts, even early childhood education (PAUD) locations. Dunamis Foundation provides bookshelves complete with books and mats.

Ma`mun from the Pasir Angin Village Representative Board welcomes RBP at RT level. Therefore, learning by reading can improve the quality of community resources. Sri Rahayu Lestari, a 4th grader of Primary School/SDN-2 Pasir Angin, was delighted because this week’s school holidays were filled with reading activities. She could just come to the house of RT 005 Head in RW 008, which is now transformed into one of the RBPs.

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