India offers scholarship for West Nusa Tenggara students

The Government of India has offered educational scholarships for students from West Nusa Tenggara Province for undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in the country. It was expressed by Consul General of India in Bali, R.O Sunil Babu, said when meeting with West Nusa Tenggara’s Governor TGH Muhammad Zainul Majdi here, Wednesday (17/5).

He noted that the relationship between India and Indonesia was very close, and it was embodied in the field of educational and cultural cooperation, as well as people to people contact.

In the tourism sector the number of tourists visiting Indonesia from India and vice versa has continued to increase, he added.  In addition to meeting the Governor, Babu also visited Muhammadiyah University of Mataram.

Meanwhile, Governor Majdi appreciated the visit of the Consul General of India and the educational scholarship program provided by the Government of India.

Education is a fundamental aspect of national development, the Governor noted. The governor admired the advancements made in education by India, which has made rapid developments in science and technology.

According to him, Indonesia and India share a close relationship since before Indonesia’s independence. Even the people of Indonesia and India in some ways have many similarities, he added.


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