National Revivification Day (Harkitnas) Momentum to Boost Character Education

Media Indonesia, page 24

The commemoration of National Revivification Day (Harkitnas) should actually be accompanied also by the rise of the education world. That includes teachers as agents of change and the nation’s progress following the spirit of the nation’s leaders and fighters to dedicate themselves to the advancement of the nation and state.

Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture (GTK Kemendikbud), Sumarna Suraparanata said that he hopes the spirit of the National Revivification Day, could enhance the spirit to move forward.  In memory of national figures we who are present would still hold the spirit in striving to serve the country by filling it with the spirit of working in our respective fields; particularly the teachers must fill it by providing better and qualified teaching and learning for students.

Furthermore, Pranata explained that  in every  teacher’s professional  development activity or teachers’  education and training, Kemdikbud always inserted the provision of character education strengthening (PPK) for teachers, especially teachers for primary and junior high school level, which focus greater percentage on PPK . However, for secondary-level educators, he exemplified that in the vocational education level (SMK), the PPK is emphasized on independence/self reliance and hard work.

He pointed out that for PPK among others, biology subject teachers must teach creatively by adapting to dynamic environment, such as inviting students to study in the outdoors. The point is to bring students closer to the environment outside the classroom. Character education could also be created by teaching with expression or by telling stories. He hopes that teachers prepare teaching activities in every education level would teach the five character education, namely religious, nationalism, integrity, mutual cooperation, and independence.

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