Nawacita Supports Return of Out-of-School Children to School

The Head of Central Leader of Muhammadiyah, Hajriyanto Y Thohari, as main speaker of Nawacita National Seminar and Mental Revolution Movement: Implementation and Policy of Educational Field Development in Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi, on Thursday (18/5), said that Nawacita, Trisakti and Mental Revolution as stipulated by Jokowi-JK government are in need of support in the form of real programs in each respective ministry. Hajriyanto appreciates the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy as the best effort to implement such a vision.

Special Staff of the Minister of Education and Culture RI, R Alpha Amirrachman, revealed that Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy struggled to implement the vision-mission of educational development as stipulated by Jokowi-JK government focusing on three points: Smart Indonesia Program, strengthening character education, and SMK revitalization.

He viewed Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) as a government’s commitment to provide economic and social justice for community through the development of education. Alpha said that nationally, the names and addresses of some 2.9 million children had been input. The school age Children Out-of-School (ATS) who are registered in Dapodikmas as participants of equivalency education had reached 485,829 people, and 60,000 people were taking course learners.

On the same occasion, the President Special Staff, Diaz Hendropriyono stated that the Indonesian identity and character was final: Pancasila. He said that all of Pancasila principles should be implemented equally.




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