Research Must Be Regulated

Media Indonesia, page 24

The results of research cannot only end in publication, but must be able to produce innovation and pursued all the way until downstream and commercialization stage. Because, strengthening of research is a revival of the domestic industries. Therefore the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) is currently working on strengthening research by adding funds.

Menristek Dikti, M Nasir said that  in addition to the budget, the government needs to make policies that encourage the growth of new researches including how to accommodate the results of products from research that have been developed into innovations.  He added that policy is very important because the innovations generated without any policy is very difficult, particularly by linking with the Ministry of Industry.

Meanwhile, Rector of Tarumanagara University (Untar), Agustinus Purna Irawan said that the long term target of Untar is to become one of the top private universities in Indonesia. To achieve that, Untar seeks to improve the lecturers’ capacity and strengthen research. He added that universities (PTs) should seek to strengthen links with industry so that the research results could be commercialized.

In a separate location, educational observer, Doni Koesoema considers that one of the reasons for the low research culture in the PTs is the failure of basic education that has not been able to foster interest and the ability to read and write. In fact, it is the basis for creating quality research results. He also emphasized that universities should not merely pursue quantity to meet the quota, but must be based on the mastery of objective and meritocratic knowledge in order to obtain qualified students.

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