Collaboration for Education Quality

Kompas, page 16

Collaboration to accelerate the achievement of national educational goals is needed. Stakeholders are invited to take concrete action to help the government realize quality education, including strengthening digital literacy. Activist and initiator of the Education Party (Pesta Pendidikan), Najeela Shihab, said that the second edition of Education Festival 2017 was organized into a network of various educational stakeholders working on a voluntary basis to advance education in a broad sense/aspect.

Najeela said the rise of Indonesian education requires an empowered public involvement, which conducts changes from existing forces. This year, the Education Party calls on the public to declare the promise of initiation and collaboration for education in the form of public pledges. Various individuals, communities, and ministries/ agencies are invited to make educational pledges in the form of real action that are doable, then, establish collaboration with other parties who have the same commitment in order for rapid change to materialize.

One of the public pledges to educate the nation is digital literacy.  Digital literacy initiator, Ramya Prajna, said the program is a collaboration of the Sekolah di Awan community, the Cikal School, Our Family, ini, and the Sharing Academy. The goal is to strengthen the digital literacy of students, teachers, and parents by providing modules. This collaboration aims to target around 160 schools in five cities.

Najeela said digital intelligence is one of the urgent collaborations so that all parties are ready to face changes due to advances in digital technology. In addition, collaborations to prepare a communities/ people capable of being financial champions and support to help teachers learn again.

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